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We are your eyes and ears on your property


  • Pacific Commercial makes sure that your property is staying up to its highest standard with full property reports and detailed reporting.

  • Custom reports can be scheduled on a varying basis such as monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, etc.

  • Reports consist of comprehensive pictures, a summary of the condition of the center, and solutions to problem areas in pdf format.​

Included in our Monthly Service, upon every visit, we will report for items such as:



Dumped Items 

Homeless Activity

Lighting Issues

We offer Customizable Reporting Services at any frequency.


The trust that our customers have in us is paramount. We hold ourselves to strict standards of business ethics, honesty, and fairness when working with our customers.


We are committed to providing quality workmanship. Our customers rely on our industry knowledge and skill. Serving our customers has been our number one priority from day one. Without them, we would not have thrived for three decades. Our interest is to build long term relationships and live up to our reputation of having industry-leading customer care.


Our reliability is the key to our success. Without our customer's confidence that they can rely on us, we would not succeed. Pacific Commercial's consistent and diligent services enable our customers to put their trust in us. With our collaborative style service approach, we consistently have our customer's backs.


Incorporating fairness puts focus onto the decision-making process instead of the outcome. Fair decisions that are made with available information in an environment of honest, open dialogue puts emphasis on reaching a fair, just, and equitable result. We realize that in order to succeed, all parties involved must be treated with fairness. Embracing all of this leads to better decisions, a happier team, and a stronger bottom line.


As a company, we treat all people with dignity and value the collective power of teamwork. In placing value in the way we treat each other and the way we treat those we serve, we create trusted and enduring relationships with customers, colleagues and communities to achieve mutual goals.