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Retail, Commercial & Industrial Sweeping

Our customized Parking Lot Sweeping services have been one of our core competencies for decades. From industrial buildings to shopping centers, Pacific Commercial's services can be utilized for small retail centers or large industrial properties.

  • Commercial/Retail Parking Lot Cleaning

  • Commercial/Retail Parking Lot Sweeping

  • Retail Cleaning

  • Parking Garage Cleaning 

  • Parking Garage Sweeping

  • Underground Garage Cleaning 

  • Industrial Warehouse Cleaning

Pacific Commercial offers a complete range of commercial parking lot cleaning services day or night.
Our parking lot sweeper trucks and low-noise, environmentally friendly backpack blowers work to keep your parking lots, parking structures, and garages spotless.

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A business’s external cleanliness is one of the top decision-making factors customers consider when determining where to shop or where to lease. 


Industrial, Commercial, or Retail properties, the appearance of a property can have a positive or damaging impact on profitability if not maintained.


With varying frequencies tailored to your needs, whether that is a regular sweeping service or once a month, we use our excellent and efficient equipment to clean your site.

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The parking lot is the first thing a customer sees when they enter the property. Not only do parking lots build up dirt and debris, but dust and pollutant particles can also affect the environment.

Our sweeper trucks dislodge debris from asphalt or concrete such as dirt, debris, trash, dust, and pollutant particles. 

We have various sweeper trucks for different needs and environments. Whether it is a dirty parking lot, a dusty underground garage, or tight spaces, we are equipped with the sweeper trucks needed for the job.


For the curbs and gutters around the parking lot where lodged dirt and trash are easily missed, our backpack blowers get the job done.

See why parking lot sweeping is necessary to upkeep a commercial property.


Pacific Commercial Property Services not only provides sweeping, scrubbing, porter, and power washing services for parking lots, but does so for parking garages too. Whether it is above ground or underground parking garages, using our regenerative air sweepers, we have it covered. 


To attract quality tenants and customers and positively affect your property’s image, brand, and value, a clean parking garage is essential.


Underground parking garages need even more attention as subterranean levels can build up dirt, dust, and pollutants easier and can cause for an unhealthy environment. 


Parking structures gather continuous vehicular and pedestrian traffic which brings with it an accumulation of litter, dirt, dust, and oil. A clean parking garage can make an impact on tenants and customers alike.

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Truck and Warehouse


Paved surfaces on your industrial property such as parking lots, loading docks, and driveways require adequate cleaning for proper maintenance. Cleaning normally consists of a crew, vacuum truck, and mechanical blowing device. 


Foot crews with the blowing device will clear curb lines, behind wheel stops, and areas not reachable by the vacuum truck to ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned. 


Regular parking lot sweeping keeps staff safe as any tripping/slipping hazards or dangerous trash and debris can be taken care of before an incident occurs. Improves the look and value of your industrial property, discourages littering, and deters rodents and wildlife.


Pollution prevention and environmental protection efforts are essential for good business practices, local ordinances, and keeping our earth healthy.


This management measure involves “employing pavement cleaning practices, such as parking lot sweeping on a regular basis, to minimize pollutant export to receiving waters. These cleaning practices are designed to remove sediment, debris, and other pollutants from road and parking lot surfaces that are a potential source of pollution impacting waterways.“ - California Stormwater Quality Association

Basic functioning sweeper trucks can remove pollution, including wet dust control mechanical sweepers. Our street sweepers remove between 85%-97% of pollutants normally found in streets and parking lots.

Learn more about the environmental benefits of routine sweeping services here.

Sea Pollution
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