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What Does Power Sweeping Have to Do With Pollution Prevention/Control and The Environment?

The California Stormwater Quality Association's Industrial and Commercial Handbook offers the following tips for properly maintaining parking and storage areas to prevent stormwater pollution. For more information, visit

Pollution prevention and environmental protection efforts are essential for good business practice, local ordinances, and to keep our earth healthy. This management measure involves employing pavement cleaning practices, such as parking lot sweeping on a regular basis, to minimize pollutant export to receiving waters.

“Cleaning practices such as pavement cleaning is designed to remove sediment, debris, and other pollutants from road and parking lot surfaces that are a potential source of pollution impacting waterways.“ - California Stormwater Quality Association

Improvements in sweeper truck technology have enhanced the ability of present day machines to pick up the fine grained sediment particles that carry a substantial portion of the stormwater pollutant load. Many of today's sweepers can now significantly reduce the amount of street dirt entering streams and rivers, some by significant amounts. (Runoff Report).

Street sweeping is practiced often as an aesthetic practice to remove sediment buildup and large debris from curb gutters. Sweeping services is effective as a pollutant removal practice. Basic functioning sweeper trucks can remove pollution, including wet dust control mechanical sweepers. Our street sweepers remove between 85%-97% of pollutants normally found in streets and parking lots.

A benefit of high-efficiency sweeping is that by capturing pollutants before they are made soluble by rainwater, the need for stormwater treatment practices may be reduced. Stormwater treatment practices, such as filtering systems, can be very costly when compared to collecting pollutants before they become soluble. Street sweepers that can show a significant level of sediment removal efficiency may prove to be more cost-effective than certain stormwater treatment practices, especially in more urbanized areas with higher areas of paving.

Regular parking lot sweeping in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and throughout the Inland Empire, will improve the look of your building and deliver a great first impression.

Your property’s overall presentation will have a more inviting feel that will let people know that they are welcome. In addition, people will be safe as any tripping hazards or dangerous trash and debris can be taken care of before an incident occurs.

A clean parking lot helps the environment by discouraging littering and helps to keep air and water clean. Even our parking lot sweeping trucks are environmentally friendly and do not put harmful pollutants back into the atmosphere as we are sweeping.

  • Improves the look of your building

  • Helps the environment

  • Puts off a great first impression

  • Removes tripping hazards

  • Discourages littering

  • Deters rodents and wildlife

  • Keeps air and water clean

Parking Lot Cleaning normally consists of a crew consisting of a vacuum truck and mechanical blowing device. Vacuum truck will sweep and clean large areas removing debris and litter while the foot crew with the blowing device will clear curb lines, behind wheel stops, and areas not reachable by the vacuum truck to ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned.

Areas common in a sweeping service include:

  • Parking Lots

  • Alley Ways

  • Driveways / Entrances

  • Parking Structures

  • Loading Docks

  • Drive-Thrus

Our Sweeping Services include regular inspections of overall order and cleanliness, and reporting of the following: illegally dumped trash, graffiti, vandalism, potholes and other poor asphalt conditions, homeless persons, safety hazards, and abandoned vehicles.

If you are interested in requesting a bid for our parking lot cleaning services, please note that the three following factors are considered when estimating parking lot sweeping prices:

  1. Frequency of Service

  2. Property size and conditions

  3. Time of service

Contact us about a Free Estimate for your Parking Lot Cleaning Services: Power Sweeping, Power Washing, Porter


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